Sketch | Beautiful Girl

After a long time, I am posting this Sketch for you. I hope all of you like this.

At first glance there was nothing unusual about her, but no-one sat within several feet of her. When she glanced up at a noise from the kitchens and her gaze swept the room.... conversation stuttered to a sudden halt for a moment before, hesitantly starting again. 

In that moment he could see more of her. Her white-blonde hair was short and fell in a dead straight sheet from her parting. Her pale eyebrows arched delicately over beautiful feline eyes which were rimmed with eyelashes so pale as to appear invisible. The deep blackness of her eyes gave no hint as to her thoughts. 

Her nose was quite small, a little snubbed to be honest, but a tiny bump on the bridge attested to a previous injury. He wondered what had become of the person who had done it. Nothing good, that was for sure. Her mouth was turned down and she appeared to be deep in thought. Her lips were full and sensuous. Shifting in her seat she took a sip from her tankard and delicately licked her lips - a move that did not go unnoticed by virtually every male in the room - and not a few of the women. 

She appeared to reach a decision and, straightening, she finished her drink and rose to her feet. Slender as a willow, she reached for her cloak and threw it about her narrow shoulders, bringing her surprisingly generous breasts into sharp relief. He glanced around the room and was amused to see how many eyes were now fixed on her. Fools! 

Seeing the interest she engendered brought a derisory sneer to her lips and, instantly, transformed her into something intensely frightening - her eyes seemed to shine with a blood red light before she grabbed her staff, threw some coins on the table, and made her way to the door. 

All conversation stopped as she stalked from the room - the relief felt by all present more than evident in the deep sighs of relief and the relaxation of more than one set of shoulders.

Abhishek Thamke

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